Plan Your Voyage

Your journey starts as soon as you contact us. It’s not too soon to begin planning, even if you’re planning a year in advance. Contact us by completing the form, and we will reach out to help you begin the process.


    For immediate assistance, you can also send an email to Elizabeth at or call her at 305.587.8135.

    Traveling to the British Virgin Islands

    If you’re traveling by air to the British Virgin Islands from the U.S., American Airlines flies directly to Tortola from multiple cities.

    American, United, and Spirit airlines fly to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands; from here you can fly to Tortola on Cape Air or Seaborne Airlines. You can also take the daily ferry from St. Thomas to Tortola.

    Travelers can also arrive in the British Virgin Islands from Puerto Rico, Antigua, or St. Maarten.

    U.S. nationals must present a valid passport. Tourist visas are not required for stays up to one month.

    Planning Tips

    • Destination

      The Christos Anesti sails from and returns to its home port in Tortola, BVI. Depending on the length of your cruise and itinerary, you might visit other islands, but plan on arriving and departing from Tortola.

    • Traveling Companions

      You can travel with family or friends, with up to 10 (including yourself) charter guests. It's helpful to know how much cruising or British Virgin Island experience each person has. Knowing this enables you to plan a trip where new visitors can experience the best of the islands while more seasoned visitors can have new experiences.

    • Cruise Objectives

      To plan the best possible experience, it helps to have defined objectives. What's the primary goal of the cruise—relaxation, discovery, celebration of an event or milestone, or other reason? Having a clear goal makes it easier to plan itineraries and activities.

    • Cruising Dates

      Cruising season runs from November to May. As with any travel, remember to consider the related air travel costs and potential for delays during peak holiday and school vacation times when planning your trip.

    • Payment Terms

      A deposit is required at time of booking your cruise, and balance payments are made in accordance with your charter contract. Our concierge works with you throughout the entire process to answer questions.

    • Itineraries

      You can book seven-day or 14-day itineraries. Our concierge will work with you to create the perfect itinerary for your trip. A detailed itinerary will include every detail—from where you drop anchor each day, to dining, activities, and excursions. We will also customize itineraries to accommodate longer cruises if requested.